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Frequently Asked Questions


When do Black-throated Finches breed?

Like most Australian species, the timing and duration of the breeding season is influenced by the availability of food. Breeding varies from year to year according to rainfall patterns and site-specific circumstances. Under optimal conditions the species can breed continuously throughout the year, though most breeding occurs in the first half of the year. Five or six eggas are laid in a clutch and juvenile birds remain with their parents for a few months after fledging.  

What do Black-throated Finches eat?

Black-throated Finches feed mainly on the seeds of native grasses (e.g. Cockatoo Grass - Alloteropsis cimicina, Windmill Grass - Chloris sp., Black Spear Grass - Heteropogon contortus) and some introduced grasses (e.g Sabi Grass - Urochloa mosambicansus, Red Natal Grass - Melinus repens). They use both annual and perennial grass seeds. Seeds are collected either from the ground or directly from the plant. As the season progresses, the birds add different species of grass to their diet. Black-throated Finches require a continuous supply of seeds throughout the year.  

Why have Black-throated Finches declined so much?

There are many contributing factors to the decline of the Black-throated Finch and other seed eating birds (Granivores). Major changes to the tree layer and grass layer in the landscape in which they live is a key factor in their decline.  
These changes are thought to be caused by land clearing, changes in pasture composition, heavy grazing, oversowing, altered fire regimes and increasing urbanisation.  

Where can I see Black-throated Finches?

The Townsville coastal plain is one of the best places to see Black-throated Finches. Many of the birds live on privately owned land. You can see Black-throated Finches in the Townsville City Council Oak Valley Reserve.  

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What birds look similar to a Black-throated Finch?

This depends on where you are geographically. If you are south of Townsville it is easy to confuse the bird with:  
Chestnut-breasted Mannekin  
Double barr Finch

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