Black Throated Finch Recovery Team

Worksheets and Activities for Schools

If you would like to get your classroom into activities that help one of north Queensland's most endangered birds use these worksheets. The best way to help the Black-throated Finch is to look after its habitat. Worksheets and activities have been developed by the Black-throated Finch Trust to encourage students to delve into the lifestyle and habitat of the bird at the same time as developing valuable biological science, inquiry and English skills as outlined in the Australian Curriculum.  
There are fabulous model building exercises in worksheets for years 7 - 9, fascinating field trips in worksheets for year 10 to planning exercises in worksheets for year 11 and 12.  
Your students will be inspired by what they can do to protect the Black-throated Finch.  For feedback or questions about these worksheets contact the Black-throated Finch Recovery Team.